Week 3 A review of John Caldwell’s article on Cyber Bullying

Recently News.com.au (2014) published a story about fighting back against cyber bullying. Author, John Caldwell, described the lack of knowledge around Australian Laws which he says are ambivalent in that they are not necessarily designed to help police prosecute. Caldwell’s stance is clear; knowledge is power and action is needed (News.com.au, 2014). While his sentiments are genuine work still needs to take place before traction is gained in the fight to stamp out these crimes.

For police, governments, and community, education is step one. Stalking laws and the Commonwealth criminal code covering menacing and harassing behavior support and empower victims. Caldwell’s stance is obvious; despite not being specifically designed for cyber bullying, existing measures will offer victims some protection and enable police to prosecute.

The government must protect and keep everyone safe. This should be the fundamental which prompts police and community action. State and Territory laws adequately suffice. Yet concern remains around current levels of enforcement. Social network companies mirror slow government action (Wilson, 2014), a two pronged counter cyber bullying approach is what the community requires to stay safe online.
Our current generation lives and breathes digital (7 News, 2014). Social lives are played out online, and bullying has followed suit. I acknowledge Government, police and social network companies’ growing involvement in the area (Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training, 2014). The speed of this action however will determine how effectively everyone is protected online.


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Further Readings

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