Week 8 Lifelong Learning

What does the term lifelong learning mean? Are traditional schools truly trying to turn students into lifelong learners? The European Commission stresses the importance of a dynamic approach to education, within the framework of lifelong learning (Soni, 2012, p. 1). Rocketship Education is an organisation helping public schools to deliver their version of lifelong learning. A multimodal blended learning environment it is claimed can achieve as good or better results than those obtained in more affluent schools (Rocketship , 2013). Why is education and schooling so concerned with lifelong learning? The digital age requires a new skill set from graduates. Australian states all have polices revolving around ICT and educational improvement (Howell, 2012, p. 39-41). School curriculum is reflecting this technological shift from business. What skills do students need? Despite high demand for tech workers, certain schools do not offer computer science classes (NPR, 2014). How can we ensure that our students become lifelong learners? One way is turning what once was old, new again. One example is author Harper Lee agreeing to release To Kill a Mockingbird, as an e-book. “This is Mockingbird for a new generation” (Lee 2014; Quinn, 2014). Lifelong learning lacks definition rather it is a continuum of thought about education and the way schools are modeled, the tools they use and the relevance they have to the real world.

Further Readings
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