Response to blog feedback.

While some areas of both students match such as spelling and grammar errors, and these will be rectified on another proof read, receiving a seven sentence review for six weeks of work which included approximately 1200 words was difficult to gleam any real constructive feedback from. One of these seven sentences included a comment about the blogs containing little to no reflection. Reflection can be done in two different ways; the most common way is when a writer may choose to turn a reflective light on themselves. The method used in my blog see synonyms for the connotation of the verb ‘to reflect’ include ‘, ‘to wonder about’, ‘to brood over’,’ to ponder’, and ‘to consider’. Simply put, this blog uses reflection by questioning. This comment also seems to be a one off due to my other reviewer making positive comments about my reflective writing style in each blog.


I was also given feedback about overusing the synonym ICT, without alluding to its meaning. This comment was very useful and I have amended the first blog entry where that term appears as per normal rules when using synonyms. Another useful point of feedback was to restructure certain sentences. During my re-read looking or grammatical and spelling errors, I have changed a few sentences to allow for complete sentence structure to have been formed. I am much more confident now my blogs read as they were originally intended too. Some more feedback I received was that Content appears to be more conducive to an essay format”, while I acknowledge that I have tried to stay closer too traditional university style writing, a single sentence such as this offers neither positive or constructive feedback and as such is hard to either agree, disagree with or use to assist the overall improvement. Overall the feedback has been a positive experience.

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking_1_1

Blog_Rubric_Peer Marking_1_


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